Our Story

In 2019, our journey commenced as graduate students huddled in the corners of the university canteen, passionately discussing sustainability projects for academic assignments. Little did we anticipate that our initial graduate-level project would blossom into a groundbreaking startup. Originating from Kathmandu University School of Arts, our prototype project focused on nature-based solutions and responsible consumption, a response to the alarming unsustainable practices prevalent in the market. Witnessing businesses and organizations persisting in outdated, unsustainable packaging, plastic-based merchandise, and materials lacking inherent value served as a catalyst, prompting us to refine our business concept. The result was the birth of “Samsara” within the vibrant confines of the university canteen.

Today, we have evolved beyond a mere group, transforming into a community of conscientious individuals united in our commitment to a shared vision of sustainability and responsible economic practices. Our mission goes beyond proving the feasibility of the seemingly impossible; we seek to validate the belief that ‘Together, we can create a responsible economy.’

Having catered to over 50 clients with our sustainable and reusable alternatives, Samsara proudly stands at the forefront of the burgeoning social enterprises in Nepal.