School Support Program

School Support Program is a Project Vertical of Social Lab which was jointly initiated with Samsara and MADEC Australia. Aimed to introduce innovative educational interventions in Nepal, including the provision of school meals, uniforms, stationary, and other resources to marginalized students in Rural areas of Nepal, the program is on a mission to Eliminate Educational Poverty in Nepal. 

Launched in the early 2023, the program offers diverse experimental interventions including components like: Financial Stimulation Model, Recreational Therapy, School Improvement and innovation Working Group, English Language Tutorial, and School Hour Meal. Public Primary School in Nepal faces a serious challenges of educational poverty including limited access to resources and opportunities, increasing drop-outs and decreasing regular attendance. Applying traditional methodology like building infrastructure or distributing resources and exiting in a short-course time simply cannot addresses the complex cycle of educational poverty. Therefore, Social Lab in collaboration with Samsara and MADEC Australia introduced the School Support Program as an alternative approach to form a greater educational foundation in rural public schools in Nepal.

Our Project Components

School Improvement & innovation Working group (SIWIG)

SIWIG is an action-based participatory group designed by Social Lab to improve the efficiency of School Management Committees (SMC) in Public Schools in Nepal. SIWIG involve school stakeholders in the design-thinking process to discuss and plan school development activities.

Financial Stimulation Model (FSM)

To instill financial awareness and cultivate healthy financial habits from an early age, we have developed a Financial Stimulation Model for Children. This model aims to raise awareness among children about the value of money, promote good behavior through a reward mechanism, and encourage reading habits.

Recreational Therapy (RT)

Recreational Therapy is an interactive and engaging tool designed for primary-level students in public schools to support the cognitive and emotional development of primary school children through musical and recreational intervention.

English Language Tutorial (ELT)

Social Lab has launched ELT sessions for the public primary school students in Nepal. The purpose of the ELT session is to
improve English Language Efficiency of public school students in Nepal through methodology like: handbook, recreational approaches, and other strategic interventions.

What people say?

School Support Program has been instrumental in our school to reinstall hopes among the children. Components like: FSM, Recreational Therapy, and School Meals are the testament that transforming public school education is possible in Nepal.
Maiya Thapaliya
School Head, Shree Deurali Basic School Lapse Gaun, Lalitpur
What else could a school demand where the children comes to the school happy everyday and are always motivated to attend classes and take initiatives. Gratitude to the Social Lab, Samsara and the entire team for choosing our school.
Kamal Shrestha
School Head, Jayalkumari basic school. Lele, Lalitpur