Kushal Achhami is CEO and co-founder at Samsara Creation. In 2021, Kushal completed his Master’s Degree in Development Studies. He also holds Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Before that, Kushal has worked in E-commerce and development sector of Nepal for 3+ years. With this experience, he has been leading the business development of Samsara where he specializes on business research, customer and client acquisition, and financial sustainability of the startup. Through Samsara, Kushal is creating a collaborative e-commerce market in Nepal with the approach of sustainability and circular economy where local skills will be promoted with modern designs.

Ajit Bhatta is a Co-founder and Chief Project Officer at Samsara Creation. He is a former Lead Research Project Officer for Impact and Growth Team at one of the largest youth-led global non-profit organizations – United Nations SDSN Youth. Mr. Bhatta holds an MA in Development Studies from Kathmandu University School of Arts. Having experience in leading projects for a couple of years, he oversees project management at Samsara Creation through collaboration with the local government, local artisans, corporates, civil societies, and youth entrepreneurs. He has represented voices of SMEs and social entrepreneurs in policy advocacy and researches. 

Bijay K.C is a Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Samsara Creation. He is an environmental engineer and development enthusiast. He is responsible for the external affairs of Samsara Creation. Bijay, an art envier, loves to promote local artisans in the circular economy. SDG 17 fanatic Bijay endeavors in collaboration and cooperation for growth and sustainability. Outside the office, Bijay enjoys traveling, photography, and reading non-fiction.

Chadani Mahat

project associate

Chadani Mahat is a Co-founder and a Project Associate at Samsara Creation. She holds a BA in Community Development and Master’s Degree in Human and Natural Resource Studies from Kathmandu University School of Arts. She has a significant history of working with different non-profit organizations demonstrating her communication and leadership skills. At Samsara, she is responsible for ensuring efficient delivery of the project. She believes that investment, be it financial or non-financial is not only a fundamental part, but also necessary for company’s future direction. She loves to travel, involve self in cross-cultural field and invest more time in the ground..