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Harmonizing Social Impact: Fostering Sustainable Partnerships between Social Enterprises, NGOs, and Corporations in Nepal

The study intends to highlight the existing gaps in the harmonization between Civil Societies, Social Enterprises and Corporates in leading a sustainable social transformation.

Lifelong Learning: Barriers and Potential in Nepal's Public Education System

Lifelong learning is a process that needs to be continued throughout the life. Beyond just a knowledge, it's a life skill to prepare human being for incoming challenges. But have our education system prepared us for the same?

Exploring the Landscape of Social Entrepreneurial Policies in Nepal

The study intends to highlight the existing gaps in Nepalese Policy landscape that has jeoparadized the growth of SMEs and Social Enterprises in Nepal.

Enhancing Education through Meal Support: A Qualitative Investigation

School hour meal has been one of the primary interventions in Nepalese Public schools to reduce the number of drop-outs. But what are the major drawbacks of it?

Approaches to Discipline in Nepalese Education: Challenges and Cultivating Positive Reinforcement

Corporal Punishment has been like a tradition in majority of public and private schools in Nepal. Despite the alternatives to discipline management, why have schools failed to eliminate corporate punishment system?