Literacy Program

Training Session

Women Artisan’s Literacy and Young Leaders Sustainability Program are two of the major training models under the flagship of Literacy Program. The program focuses on the basis contents on Digital and Financial Literacy of women artisans whereas provide an overview and experience based insights on Sustainability to young people. 

The program was officially started in early 2021 with an aim to empower young people and women artisans in on-going digital economy and climate-threatened world. The mission of this program is to prepare the vulnerable group to enhance their leadership capacity and address the pressing challenges.

Digital and Financial Literacy for Artisans

Digital and Financial literacy has become an urgent and essential skill for all in a post-covid era. While majority of the women artisans are home-based workers, they are the ones who are very vulnerable to Digital and Financial Skills. Just a basic literacy and skill could add so much of value to their livelihood. If you would like to support our campaign, please visit the link here: 

Skills in Sustainability for Young Students

While achieving global goals have been the top most priority for United Nations, young people are the ones wo can make it happen. Educating them with innovative and sustainable ideas is very crucial. Establishing the foundation of Sustainability starts with basic awareness and lifestyle. From as an entrepreneur to being a consumer, Sustainability should be a means. Here’s the link to one of our earlier stories of graduated 15 entrepreneurs: