Fostering the sustainable growth of the local economy, since 2019


Purpose of LUHA

Brand that gives feel of luxury in handmade stuffs


Redefining Fashion

Premium Products for everyday use 

Making Difference

Encouraging luxury lifestyle with eco-friendly and handmade accessories

Social Lab


Social Lab at Samsara has launched ‘School Support Program’ through which public schools in Nepal are trained in terms of capacity building and resource development to ensure that children are able to access quality education.


Since 2019, Samsara has been working towards the acceleration of social entrepreneurship in the local communities. Capacitating women artisans with entrepreneurial skills and knowledge is the larger motive of Samsara.


Raising awareness through social campaigns and activism has become the core principle for us. As we move one step closer towards creating responsible community, we are always grateful for the people behind the curtain who has helped us in every movement.

About us

Samsara is a youth-led social enterprise that works in three key areas: Entrepreneurship, Education, and Environment; collectively to foster the sustainable growth of the local economy. 

Our Services

Project Management, Research, and Consultation

Eco-Friendly & Reusable Bags

Eco-Friendly & Handmade Packaging

Our Clients

Customer reviews

I have bought many bags from Samsara for myself and as gifts and they are always adored. There is something special about handmade products and the team at Samsara does it so well!
Adam Sendler
Eliza Allomes, Australia
Luha bags are incredible since they offer sustainable fashion while still being stunning to carry. When I carry my Samsara's Bag, it reflects my indirect aid to nature, which makes me feel proud and relieved.
Mila Kunis
Sandhya Tamang, Nepal
Samsara's products are beautiful and excellently made. My bag served me well while volunteering with Samsara in Nepal and now I use it all the time. Also, the hat is super warm and has become a daily necessity in England's icy winter! Would recommend to anyone
Mike Sendler
Audrey Briggs, England




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