Our Story

Our story began in 2019. Back then we were graduate students sitting around the corners of the canteen to talk about Sustainability related projects for college assignments. Who else would have thought that a graduate-level project idea could turn into a startup solution? The 6 University graduate students from Kathmandu University School of Arts started a prototype project called ‘Waste to Art’.

Improper waste management practices and waste generation inside Kathmandu valley were two of our identified problems that gave us insight into the idea of ‘Waste to Art’ where waste could be turned into artistic products. As it says, fortune favors the brave, we decided to roll back the project idea and transform it into a social enterprise.

Realizing that so many people were already being involved in defining the solutions to the problem of waste, we started to reach out and connect with such people. Today we are not just the team of 6 but the team of dozens who are working towards the common objective of waste management and sustainability. We believe that together we can create a socially and environmentally responsible community.