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Find your comfort carry at Samsara

If you wish clothes and accessories were eco-friendly and comfortable to wear then you are at the right place. The universe has listened to you to find your eco-friendly comfort style here at Samsara.

Anyway, the universe things aside, this month we have introduced three eco-friendly accessories so you can carry them comfortably; all feeling and looking chic.

  1. Hemp Tote Bag
Hemp tote bag
Hemp tote bag

A thoroughly handwoven bag that is convenient to carry, is made out of Hemp- known as the Cannabis Sativa species that basically is a plant. It grows without pesticides and fertilizers and requires less amount of water. Likewise, hemp fabric in particular is strong, weather-resistant, and biodegradable. Thus, it is well known for being environmentally positive.

So, a tote bag made out of hemp is a fair choice to look up to for your daily comfort use. It is a naturally dyed hemp tote woven by the local artisan of Bhaktapur. The tote bag is versatile that you can carry as you like- for your casual wear, for college, for grocery shopping, for weekends gateway and the list goes on. It has dual compartments with a zipper closure. Also, it comes with just a single button with no compartments for those who prefer it that way.

So, what’s the perk? It is spacious, handy, durable, easy on the environment, can be used for multi-purpose, and most importantly, it never goes out of style!

  1. Round Bag
Round bag (Upcycled)
Round bag (Upcycled)

We all are familiar with seeing bags with square-shaped but round-shaped that is made from a pair of jeans? Samsara has it!

Yes, you read it right. It is made out of pre-loved jeans. What are pre-loved jeans and why make them from pre-loved jeans? You may be inquisitive, right? We collect jeans that are not used anymore and give another life to such garments that used to be previously owned and loved.

It gets creative at the same time helps as an alternative to replacing the large consumption of natural resources that are required to produce. To be precise, it reduces the need to produce raw materials. On top of that denim requires about five years of time to decompose so why not repurpose it, right?

So, make sure your leisure walk be more fun and catch up with your beloved ones be warm with our go-to Round bag! Now, wondering what you can fit in here? The answer is almost all of the basic stuff. You can fit your personal belongings like a wallet/purse, hand sanitiser, cell phone, charger, and surprisingly even a hand notebook. The straps are adjustable. It also comes with embroidery to spice up the look. And you know the best part of the embroidery is the design of it almost never fades away. Give this comfort a try and explore numerous creative ways to pull off your “OOTD’’style with our Round bag 🙂

  1. Hand-painted Tote Bag
Hand-painted Tote bag
Hand-painted Tote bag

A tote bag is basic and hands down we can’t deny it. From replacing plastic bags for grocery shopping to casually carrying, it is a must-have multi-purpose bag. The hand-painted print on this tote bag is called Nazar (Turkish evil eye) and is the symbol known for thwarting the evil eye. The concept is interesting, if you got intrigued by it too then the Nazar tote bag is waiting for you to be on your shoulder.

It comes with different hand-painted print designs. The best part is you can even have your personal custom design. The tote bag is also available in a plain off white textured pattern. Now, when you’ve got plenty of options to choose don’t you think our tote bag is just one step away to be your favourite and vice-versa?

  1. Patched Tote Bag
Fabric Scrap Patched Tote Bag with our Upcycled Denim Bucket Hat
Fabric Scrap Patched Tote Bag with our Upcycled Denim Bucket Hat

“Waste is not waste until we waste it.” We often overlook the potential of waste into want. The waste or scraps can be reused, repurposed and recycled instead of simply getting dumped into a landfill. The fabric scraps that are patched on our tote bag are rethought, redesigned and repurposed. Those fabric scraps are collected from the local tailor shop and are segregated, assorted, patched and redesigned.

Each of our fabric scrap patched tote bags are exclusive, not repetitive in design because it is upcycled. The front patched part of this tote bag is a pocket where it can fit your belongings like a journal, pen, or cellphone for your immediate reach.

So, these are the eco-friendly comfort carry from Samsara’s accessories section. There is more to come from clothing and accessories with varieties of designs, we will keep you posted. Till then, all hail responsible consumption!

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