Responsible Tourism

Kerstin Sarrow - Public Heath Volunteer

“Throughout my volunteering experience, ‘Samsara Creation’ supported me to organize and run the workshop on women’s health empowerment and advocacy, as it is part of the policy of the organization to create an impact within their social responsibilities. These workshops were positively received and accounted for the core of my public health intervention. At the same time public activities such as waste collection hikes or engagement in social business-related workshops, in collaboration with other small organizations, manifested the broad concept of the social organization and a different social aspect of public policy.”

Samsara is so delighted and excited to sign an agreement with the Himsikhara Socio-Cultural Society (HISCUS) on 17th April 2022. The purpose of this agreement is to promote and have active collaboration in the development and promotion of Responsible Tourism.

With this agreement, both the team aims to strengthen the impacts of responsible tourism in the community along with designing eco-friendly community-driven initiatives and educational sessions for domestic and international tourists.

Under the program of Responsible Tourism, Samsara has been focusing on three major pillars to promote sustainable and responsible tourism. The three pillars are:

a. Women in Sustainability:

Besides collaborating with the local women, we are always focused on their individual sustainability which comprises health, education, awareness, and skill enhancement. Along with tourism, our volunteers can help shape the basic understanding and awareness of basic challenges that our makers face in their daily life. Learn more about the engagement here.

b. Eco-School:

Schooling plays a substantial role in shaping the future of the community and its status in sustainability. Apart from getting actively engaged in ground-level campaigns, it is our duty to groom the kids as well as young students by showing them the essence of a better planet. Furthermore, weekly eco-hikes and sustainability discussions are equally important parts of the Eco-School. Learn more about Eco-School here.

c. Waste Conscious Community.

Along with the commencement of responsible tourism, we have found a great place to create an online community of an environmentally-conscious group of people. Waste Conscious Community serves as a platform for bringing like-minded people together to discuss and share their experiences related to environmental and waste management issues in Nepal. This platform also serves as a space for fun, daily challenges, weekly events, interaction, and storytelling. Join the community here.

Check out the official website of our partner organization Himshikhara-Socio-Cultural Society (HISCUS):