Our Values

Our Responsibility

We focus on the 3 E’s: Education, Environment, and Entrepreneurship.


COVID-19 has urged global communities to adapt to the digital economy. Educating local artisans and consumers digitally are at our core. We believe that until they are not digitally literate, we cannot achieve sustainability. Therefore, we focus on digital literacy-related training as one of our major responsibilities. In addition, we have also been providing quality educational content on responsible consumption, sustainability, and a healthy lifestyle to school students. Through this approach, we are contributing to achieving SDG 4 at the local level.


Less resource consumption through recycling and use of natural fabrics puts us in a better position of Environment Sustainability. We focus on rescuing and repurposing textile and plastic waste into consumer products. In addition, our eco-friendly alternatives like - hemp fabric and natural cotton products are equally responsible for environmental protection. These innovative activities have been keeping us ahead towards contributing to SDG 12 and SDG 13.


We mobilize local women and provide them employment opportunities by utilizing their traditional artisan skills in building sustainable consumer products. Through this, we empower them financially and socially by making them long-term stakeholders of a sustainable and circular economy. In addition, we also have been incapacitating incoming youth entrepreneurs in sustainable business innovation and development. Through these activities, we are able to support SDG 5, SDG 9, SDG 10, and SDG 17.

Our Vision

A Responsible and Sustainable Nepalese Economy